Who we serve

Our clients

Many of our clients are venture capitalists and private equity leaders. They are independent business owners and successful executives. They are retirees who like to travel and enjoy time with their family and pursuing their hobbies. They are also young professionals with bright futures ahead.

Our clients are typically financially independent or are on the road to financial independence. They have a common thread knowing that their time is better spent on doing the things that they love doing. They have achieved success in life by surrounding themselves with talented and intelligent individuals, and selecting a wealth manager is no different.

Client benefits

Peace of mind. Confidence. Time to focus on the things they love doing. Feeling connected and informed. Relief. Happiness. These are the feelings our clients tell us they experience when working with Bordeaux Wealth Advisors. This is possible because we are the one call they can make to for all of their financial issues. They have loved ones to care for, charities to support, vacations to enjoy, and memories to be made. Worrying about their financial situation isn’t one of their goals…and it is probably not one of yours either.

Note: These stories represent common, though hypothetical examples. The names and pictures have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy.