Values-Based Investing

Embedded in our approach to portfolio design is an effort to understand what Values drive clients beyond the metrics of income, growth and volatility.

Our solutions in this arena span a vast array of potential client desires. We partner with both concentrated and diversified fund managers in public equity and fixed income asset classes across Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) themes. We also offer clients customized strategies enabling them to select the specific objectives, economic sectors, or even companies they wish to focus on and avoid within their unique Values-Based portfolio.

Beyond the public markets, our team has researched and recommended private Impact funds for those clients who have expressed this to be reflected in their portfolio. Examples include private equity of emerging companies expanding educational opportunities to underserved populations, responsibly managing natural resources and timber, developing renewable energy projects like solar and wind farms to reduce carbon emissions, and businesses targeting the health and wellness of the global population through sustainable food production and medical innovation.

By incorporating these factors into our discussions with clients and staying attuned to their ever-changing needs, we not only help clients with their financial goals, but we create alignment between their portfolios and what gives them a greater sense of purpose.