Wealth creates complexity, posing its own unique issues and challenges. At Bordeaux Wealth Advisors, it’s our job to manage those complexities for you so you can pursue your dreams and interests knowing that your financial life is in excellent hands. Our team is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in every aspect of growing, preserving and transferring substantial wealth. As your trusted advisor and personal CFO, we answer only to you. We are not in the business of selling products. Rather we’re here to provide comprehensive, advice, strategies and solutions that are customized for your unique financial goals and circumstances. We seek to fully educate and aid your decision-making process, then we implement your wishes while providing ongoing, proactive management and oversight, paying meticulous attention to detail. Coordinating our services with your team of outside financial professionals, including accountants and attorneys, is an important aspect of our approach. Our goal is to simplify your life so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Investment Advisory Services

At the core of our investment approach is a philosophy of broad diversification across a range of asset classes. In addition to the depth and breadth of our expertise and resources, we have access to a wide universe of investment vehicles and non-proprietary funds — so you can be sure that the advice you’re getting is both comprehensive and cutting edge. We take the time to understand your goals , objectives and family circumstances, your risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and biases. Only then can we identify an appropriate asset allocation and build a customized portfolio for your unique situation. We monitor your progress regularly via face-to-face meetings throughout our relationship. We look at your cash position, calculate tax projections, evaluate investment performance and consider changes both to your individual needs as well as dynamics in financial markets to drive our portfolio rebalancing process — minimizing risks and taking advantage of long-term opportunities. And our involvement doesn’t end there — our dedicated team is always available to you. At the end of the day, we strive to be the first call you make for any issues or questions.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Whatever goals and dreams you have for the future, we will do our best to help you achieve them. We look at your financial life from every perspective, from where you are today to where you need to be in the future, and then develop a robust and comprehensive long-term plan that will help you live the life you envision for yourself and your family. This is an ongoing and holistic process, where we continually review and refine your plan to adapt to changing tax and regulatory policies, market conditions and life events.

Income Tax Planning

We take a very hands-on and proactive approach to helping you minimize your tax liability — an important service that distinguishes us from other wealth management firms. We continually develop tax projections for you, identifying where the issues and opportunities lie. Then we develop strategies to help address them. This includes taking advantage of tax-efficient investment vehicles to help increase your after-tax return, and staying on top of the changing tax landscape so that you’re positioned to leverage opportunities when they arise.

Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning

How do you wish your legacy to live on in future generations? Transferring your wealth to the people, organizations and institutions you care about most takes careful planning and preparation. It also requires us to have a deep understanding of who you are and what specific objectives you’re trying to accomplish. Working in coordination with your estate attorney, we do a thorough review of all of your estate documents, preparing estate flow charts and diagrams to show you how your current plan looks and what tax consequences may impact it. We will model and illustrate those specific wealth transfer solutions that make sense for your family’s situation on both economic and personal levels. We also know that circumstances change — so we pay close attention to how your life is evolving to assess whether your documents are still appropriate and in alignment with the goals and objectives you have as a family.

Insurance & Risk Management Planning

Protecting you from potential downside risk is critical to preserving your wealth. We conduct a thorough review of all your current insurance policies, including life, health, disability, property and casualty, to see if you have sufficient and appropriate coverage. We can introduce you to third-party insurance agents or brokers who will review the companies, policies and programs you have in place to see if improvements are available, either to align and increase your benefits or to reduce costs. As your life evolves and your needs change, we will continue to monitor your coverage and proactively suggest adjustments when appropriate.

Philanthropic Planning

In seeking to benefit their community or improve issues that exist worldwide, our clients routinely request our assistance in navigating the issues surrounding philanthropic giving. Depending on the size and scope of your charitable intent, from determining the most tax-efficient ways to make ongoing charitable gifts, to setting up a private foundation or another giving structure — we have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making decisions that maximize your gift, minimize taxes and stay true to your goals, values and intentions.

Cash Flow Planning

Preparing for the expected as well as the unexpected is the key to successful cash flow management. When developing your financial plan, we help you assess the liquidity available to fund your short- and long-term expenditures, including family gifting, charitable giving, taxes, tuition needs, home and lifestyle expenses and anticipated financial needs. Then we match the funds you’ll need to cover these expenses and factor that into your investment portfolio strategy.

Retirement Planning

Developing a sound retirement strategy can make all the difference in acheiving a successful outcome. We will work with you to prioritize your goals and objectives for retirement, including the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family, as well as your timeline — then we will map out a plan to help make the retirement you envision a reality.

Education Planning

Are you interested in funding the education of your children or grandchildren? There are a number of strategies and tax-preferential opportunities to consider. We’ll help you understand them and determine the right solution for you and your family. Whether it’s paying for tuition directly or through annual gifts, investing in a 529 plan or establishing a trust, we can put you on track to make this important contribution for your children’s and grandchildren’s futures.