Personal CFO

Most successful executives have a variety of assets (IRAs, 401ks, checking accounts, and brokerage accounts, etc.) spread out among various advisors / firms and entities (trusts, partnerships, custodial, etc.), which makes monitoring their financial position challenging and time consuming. Not only are they managing multiple relationships, but they may receive conflicting advice from advisors, since no one person has a complete picture of their financial situation.

In these cases, a Personal CFO can be essential to understanding and effectively managing your wealth. Just as a CFO guides a company in every financial aspect, a Personal CFO guides your overall financial strategy – providing advice on investments, cash flow, estate planning, taxes, retirement planning, and more – in a coordinated and seamless manner.

To learn more about how Bordeaux Wealth Advisors’ Personal CFO model can help you, check out our 3-minute informational video below.