Our Team – Ulysse Saltiel

Ulysse Saltiel

Ulysse is a Wealth Advisory Intern at Bordeaux’s Seattle office. He is pursuing a B.S in Finance and a B.A in Philosophy at Pepperdine University. Throughout his undergraduate program, Ulysse has worked in Investment Management for Pepperdine’s endowment and has developed a particular interest in alternative investments.

Ulysse holds a leadership role in several organizations at Pepperdine, including Portfolio Manager for the Investment Club, VP of Professional Activities for Delta Sigma Pi (the nation’s leading professional business fraternity), and President and Founder for the Investment Banking Club. In his free time Ulysse enjoys rock climbing, training for marathons, and traveling. Additionally, he recently spent six months studying abroad at Oxford University where he was able to study philosophy and travel around Europe and Africa.

Ulysse was born in Denver where he developed a passion for outdoor recreation. He later moved to New York City where he came to appreciate the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Since then, Ulysse has lived in Seattle and Malibu, and spent extensive time in France and England. Ulysse is eager to learn, and excited to try new things.